Muslimahs United to Serve (MUS)

Our Mission

Muslimahs United to Serve (MUS) seeks to be a conduit that combines the efforts of individual Sisters or Sister-established organizations and initiatives aimed at the spiritual, social and personal development of members of the Muslim community or are dawah-focused through useful community services and activities.

Our Vision

The intention, inshaa’ALLAH, is to join efforts and resources to help better ensure the intended successful outcome of individual objectives in steps

Our Vehicle

Through combined efforts and with the mercy of ALLAH, MUS has a vision of establishing a bond of sisterhood between Muslimahs throughout the Illinois tri-state area and across the nation. This bond would be strengthen by the knowledge that we are working side-by-side to solidify unity amongst our several communities and masjids (mosques), assist in the growth of Muslim women, communicate a correct view of Islam as a way of life to the general public, ensure opportunities of exposure to Islamic education for youth in-need, facilitate the practice of the Islamic culture in the general population, and serving as a healing agent for all the rest of humanity. 

Our true wealth is the good we do in this world. None of us has faith unless we desire for our neighbors what we desire for ourselves. - Prophet Muhammad (salala alahi wasalaam)