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 Muslim Youth Knowledge Development Scholarship Competition

Using Islamic history, principles and values, this competition seeks to promote character building and nurture cultural appreciation using knowledge acquired through light competitive extra-curricular study.


The Muslim Youth Knowledge Development Scholarship Competition is a learning activity to help elementary and middle school students learn about the Islamic experience. The Competition is divided into two levels:

  • Elementary level is for students in 4th and 5th grades
  • The Middle School level is for students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades

If an elementary school is comprised of 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, the 6th grade students (if they desire to participate in the Muslim Youth Knowledge Development Competition) must do so at the Middle School level. Under no circumstances can 6th grade student(s) participate in the Elementary level competition.


Students participating in the Muslim Youth Knowledge Competition compete as teams of three students. Elementary teams can be comprised of all 4th graders, all 5th graders, or any combination thereof. Similarly, middle school teams can be comprised of all 6th, 7th, or 8th graders or any combination thereof.

The Competitions

Held in the form of a Bee (i.e. spelling bee), the competition will test and allow students to demonstrate knowledge they have acquired after studying

Once students are grouped into teams and students have had time to study, the school conducts its "within school" competition to determine the two teams that will go on to the City-wide Competition.

Two teams from each participating school will compete in their respective Elementary or Middle School-level Competition. The City-wide Competition consists of Preliminary and Championship Rounds. City-wide Competitions will be held in mid-March.


Each student participating in the Muslim Youth Knowledge Development Competition receives a medal or certificate that acknowledges that he/she is a city-wide finalist.

Awards are also provided to the Top Ten Teams of the Elementary and Middle School levels that have the highest scores in the preliminary competition at the City-wide Muslim Youth Knowledge Development Competition.  These ten teams advance to the Championship rounds where they compete again.

The Elementary and Middle School Competition champions are determined in the respective City-wide Championship rounds. Each of the first place team's member receives a $300 cash award and and the school recieves $1,000, also their names are inscribed on a plaque that is awarded to the school for their hard work and support. Each second place team's member will recieve a $200 cash award and the school recieves $700 and a plaque with the member's names inscribed.  Each third place team's member will recieve a $100 cash award and the school recieves $500. Students will be proud that they contributed to the excellence of their respective schools.

Fourth and Fifth place teams are not awarded cash prizes, but their names are inscribed on plaques presented to each school. The remaining five teams of the Top Ten are honored as well. Each of these has their names inscribed on a plaque identifying them as a Top Ten Team winner. These plaques are awarded to the students, their coordinators, and principals of each school.  Students can be proud that they contributed to the excellence of their respective schools.


Public and non-public accredited schools are eligible for participation. If you have questions about eligibility, please call: (773) 302-8838